Bry-Air PROKON has developed a unique range of products for industrial applications, focused on the measurement of moisture content in a wide-range of bulk materials: organic and synthetic. Our sensors, employ a blend of technologies which, combined with extensive application knowledge, ensures that our moisture analysers operate with the highest accuracy and repeatibility. Bry-Scan is the answer to the earliest demand for fast and easy measurement of moisture content In-Line.

Bry-SCAN - Moisture Sensor

Bry-SCAN is a measuring instrument In-line for internal and superficial moisture, in non-ferrous materials, suffers from productive, quality or of pure processing due to the residual moisture contained. The range of measurement where the sensor delivers maximum performance of uniqueness, is low or ultra-low-moisture, in terms of value 0,001 % RH up to 50% RH. Bry-SCAN is principally addressed to extrusion, moulding, food processing, milling, construction materials, paper industry, pharmaceutical and ...many more.

"We measure every single water molecule"

Bry-Air PROKON moisture sensors are specifically developed for industrial applications... read more


Excellence Through Experience

Over the years we've accomplished, with the help of our developers and customers, into several tests, with different configurations, in different industrial sectors. The project has been honed and perfected in the productive processes, obtaining excellent results. Superior repeatability and reliability are the focus points of our product.

Green processes

Going Green? Or trying to cut costs?

Bry-Air PROKON’s moisture analyzers are the answer ! Incorporating Bry-SCAN’s moisture sensors in your process, will save you energy and waste, making your facility more productive. Prevent these losses by going Bry-SCAN
Advantages to using Bry-SCAN moisture sensors include:

  • Prevention of over drying or over cooking products
  • Lower energy costs
  • 100% product quality inspections resulting in increased profits

Protecting the products being manufactured in your green facility can be one of the most cost-effective and wise investments you can make. Bry-Air PROKON’s moisture sensors should be your choice for improving your business’s bottom line.
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